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Buying Legendaries

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Buying Legendaries

Postby harman19 » Fri May 15, 2015 6:44 am

Buying legendary sets ( except mew , darkrai , moltres ) for 600k each set .

Also buying Deoxys ( attack and speed forms ) , kyurems . Comment on my profile with price or contact me on chat .

In game name : Sherlock

Chat nick : Sherlock
<Sherlock> i was talking to katey just now . Couldnt believe tht she was real.
<TaylorSwift> who is katey
<Sherlock> so I pinched myself and now i am awake.
<Sherlock> funny dreams.
<Bohemia> Shes shinyteddi's imaginary gf
<Bohemia> >_>
<Sherlock> x.X
<TaylorSwift> much better than John-117's imaginary game
<Sherlock> lmao
<Bohemia> Lol
<Sherlock> this is funny i gonna ss this.
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