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Looking for catch and release jobs!

PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2015 7:03 pm
by Derooms
Hi there guys, im looking for people to catch and release pokes in my yard. But what doest that mean? Well, here is the job description:


- Your job: I have a rayquaza yard currently with 420 rays, you would join my yard and catch normal rays and just release them back / set up a trade.

- Payment: I pay 100k per ray +1m for every 30 that u release/set up on a trade + all specials that you catch belong to you free of charge.

-Cash bonus: If you catch over 50 rays in a day, or if you catch 30/per day constantly, i will discuss a little bonus with you... And by "little", i mean "big" :/



-So, what if people join your yard just to farm rays/catch specials?

Well, thats why I pay per poke and not per time and if they want to farm rays to sell them i will be paying more than the market price bc of the 1m bonus, and if they want to farm for their yards/just catch specials and ignore the normals... Well good luck doing that on a 40 pg yard hahahaha *laughing* *laughing* *laughing*

- And why wouldnt people just catch a bunch of rays and trade them in a single day for the extra cash?

Because i can see their ids, so i know, roughly, when they were caught and if they stay a week without trading me anything they will be kicked.


If you are interested, leave a msg in this post with your ing (and irc name if u use a different one) or in my pba profile, my ign is derooms



Ray catch count:

kerikoto: 9 (next bonus at 30 rays)

jobs: 12 (next bonus at 30 rays)