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List of Johto shinies I'm willing to buy (ON HOLD)

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List of Johto shinies I'm willing to buy (ON HOLD)

Postby Pokemonbattle09 » Fri Dec 18, 2015 12:55 am

:hai: Hey there! I'm currently trying to finish the "collect all shiny Johto shiny Pokemon" achievement and I am missing quite a few Pokemon to complete it. Below is the list of Pokemon I am willing to buy/trade. I am also accepting previous evolutions (e.g. Onix, Gloom, Bonsly, etc.). if you have the following Pokemon, please don't hesitate to offer on my profile. :) First come first serve, so I will only take 1! :) Thank you!

x2 = I need twice of the same Pokemon.
x3 = I need three of the same Pokemon.
(X) = Had been offered and accepted. Won't accept anymore of the same Pokemon if it has an (X)!
IGN: Pokemonbattle09

1. Chikorita (X)
2. Cyndaquil (X)
3. Totodile (X)
4. Sentret (X)
5. Hoothoot (X)
6. Chinchou
7. Pichu (X)
8. Cleffa
9. Igglybuff (X)
10. Togepi (X)
11. Natu (X)
12. Mareep (X)
13. Bellossom (X)
14. Marill (X)
15. Sudowoodoo (X)
16. Politoed (or Poliwag/Poliwhirl)
17. Hoppip x3
18. Aipom
19. Sunkern (X)
20. Wooper (X)
21. Murkrow
22. Slowking (or Slowpoke)
23. Misdreavus
24. Pineco (X)
25. Dunsparce (X)
26. Steelix (or Onix)
27. Qwilfish (X)
28. Shuckle (X)
29. Heracross (X)
30. Teddiursa (X)
31. Slugma (X)
32. Swinub (X)
33. Corsola (X)
34. Octillery (X)
35. Mantine (X)
36. Skarmory
37. Kingdra (X)
38. Phanpy
39. Porygon2 (X)
40. Stantler (X)
41. Smeargle
42. Tyrouge (X)
43. Smoochum
44. Elekid (X)
45. Magby
46. Miltank (X)
47. Blissey (or Happiny/Chansey)
48. Raikou (X)
49. Entei (X)
50. Suicune
51. Larvitar (X)
52. Lugia
53. Ho-oh
54. Celebi

Unfortunately, two Pokemon on the list (mainly Slowking and Politoed) are unobtainable due to the game not having the "King's Rock" item. Due to this, I will hold off on the trades until this will be fixed :headbang:
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