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The list of Special Pokemon which I require!

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The list of Special Pokemon which I require!

Postby SammyJim675 » Tue Jan 05, 2016 6:30 pm

If you own any of the listed pokemon and are willing to sell them to me, come find me on Mibbit (Either SammyJim675 or Glxnnie), or post on my profile - SammyJim675. I will appreciate anything you have to sell to me:) Thank you!
Note: I only require one of each of the pokemon listed.

First Generation Pokemon:

S Bellsprout
S Slowpoke
S Grimer
S Shellder
Gh Exeggcute
S Hitmonlee
S/D/Gh Lickitung
S Koffing
S Rhyhorn
S/D/M/Gh Chansey
S/D/M Tangela
M Kangaskhan
S/M/Gh Mr.Mime
S/M/D/Gh Tauros
S Lapras
D Ditto
S/D Omanyte
Gh Kabuto
S/D/M/Gh Snorlax

Second Generation Pokemon:

M Chinchou
S Cleffa
S Natu
S/M/Gh Bellossom
S/Gh Marill
S/M/Gh Sudowoodo
S/M Murkrow
D Gligar
S/D Girafarig
S Pineco
Gh Shuckle
S/D Slugma
S Swinub
S/D Corsola
S/D/M/Gh Mantine
Gh Skarmory
S Smeargle
M Elekid
S/M Magby

Third Generation Pokemon:

D Shedinja
Gh Lunatone
S Solrock
M/Gh Castform
M/Gh Chimecho
S/Gh Wynaut
S Clamperl
S/D/M/Gh Huntail
S/D/M/Gh Gorebyss
S Relicanth
S/Gh Beldum

Fourth Generation Pokemon:
S/D/M Piplup
D/M Chimchar
S/M/Gh Budew
D/Gh Cranidos
M Cherubi
M Shellos
S/M Stunky
S/D Munchlax
D/M Hippopotas
D/M/Gh Froslass

Fifth Generation Pokemon:
M Snivy
S/D/M/Gh Tepig
S/M/Gh Oshawott
M/Gh Lillipup
S/D/M/Gh Pansage
S/D/Gh Pansear
M Woobat
D/M Audino
S/M/Gh Throh
D/M/Gh Sawk
S/D/M Venipede
S/M Sandile
S/D/M/Gh Sigilyph
S/D/M/Gh Yamask
S/D Tirtouga
S/D/M/Gh Archen
D Zorua
M Minccino
S/D/M/Gh Gothita
S/D/M/Gh Emolga
D Frillish
S/D/M/Gh Alomomola
S/D/M Klink
D/Gh Litwick
S/D Axew
S/M/Gh Cubchoo
S/M/Gh Mienfoo
S/D/M/Gh Golett
S/D/M/Gh Bouffalant
D/M Rufflet
S/M Vullaby
S/D/M/Gh Deino
S/D/M/Gh Larvesta
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Re: The list of Special Pokemon which I require!

Postby Ryushi » Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:43 am

I have the following pokes (Prices included beside pokes) :

SammyJim675 wrote:[color=#0000FF]
[b]Fifth Generation Pokemon:

M Snivy - 2m
S Oshawott - 8m
M Woobat - 1m
S Throh - 6m
M Sandile - 500k
D Sigilyph - 2m
D Zorua - 2m
S/D/M Klink - 15m+2m+2m

Sam, let me know if interested.
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