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Spreading Wise Wisdom

Post anything non PBA related here

Spreading Wise Wisdom

Postby Navgun » Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:57 am

I have seen many people decided to remove the confusion


i'm here to Spread information about Mods :-

1.Mods will not Eat you alive or dead (except if you are served cooked in a hotel under the name chicken). :/
2.Mods are as friendly as Alligators in Amazon. :/
3.Troubling Mods does not results in you being charged of Animal Abuse. :/
4.Mods will not ban you if they are not present on time of swearing,scamming,spamming,fighting (so choose your timings wisely). :/
5.Mods are Humans ...(maybe)(they must be) :/
6.You must obey a Mod in front of them. :/
7.Mods Often Attack Alone, not in Groups... And Mostly all of them are lurking in shadows, unseen by most of the preys. :/
8.A Mod is a Player too... Consider them as player to make them Friends (The only useful point i guess) ;)
9.Every Mod Loves Navgun. If you dare to Object Navgun, be sure to transfer your valuables to another account, bcos you will be banned. :/
10.Mods may Swear... And if you dare to speak you will be at the moment without any further questions banned... :/

So now ...DOnt Laugh and SpreAd The WiSdom... :drunk: :drunk: :drunk:

*Here's the Fact of the Day(8dec-2016) :~

Bill Gates is Not a Gate. :) :)

*Sorry guy i wasnt online on 9th heres the fact of the day(10dec-2016) :~

Most of the People in world need a 6month holiday...............Twice an year

*I keep missing this threa on alternate days so i guess i might do this thread every alternate day or so...
so, here is fact of the day(12dec-2016):~

"Tommy Tucker" was a squirrel who became a celebrity in US once, who wore women fashion dresses and did tricks...(we got our special squirrel too in pba who does tricks, idk about the women dress part.. :/ :/ )

Ahh..Now Onwards, this Thread will be Randomly updated, So Heres The Fact Of the Day (13dec-2016):~

It is Impossible to say, "I wasn't Talking to you" politely

Heres the fact of the day (14dec-2016):~

Do you know?....If you hold your Breath for longer than 10 can Sleep Forever!!!! (Give it a Try) :nerd: :nerd: :/ :/ :devil: :devil:

Heres the fact of the day (15dec-2016):~

On average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily (I knew it!). :tmi: :-? :-? :clap: :clap: |-)

Heres the fact of the day (16dec-2016):~

Americans on average eat 18 acres of pizza every day.

Heres the fact of the day (17dec-2016):~

The Guinness Book of Records holds the record for being the book most often stolen from public libraries.

Heres the fact of the day (28jan-2017):~

The amount of people thinking that this thread of mine died ... is too damn high..:/:/


~~~~~~~~Used To Had Trust In Humanity Once~~~~~~~~

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