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Weekly contests rules

Competitions will be started out by Staffs and Admins
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Weekly contests rules

Postby X-Gen-|.Peh13-| » Wed Sep 15, 2010 3:13 pm

~ Welcome! ~

For some time, we've been working on this "Weekly contest" idea. We'll basically release to public contests such as, signature of the week, user of the week, etc.
Of course, rules are needed, else it'd end up in a great mess. Rules may be updated, so make sure you check this topic often.

    1. The rules of the forum apply here too. In case you didn't know;
    2. Bribing users to make'em vote for yourself is lame. If we find out you're doing it, you'll get a forum warning and disqualified from the contest;
    3. If you won the contest, please, accept the prize as soon as possible;
    4. Don't annoy us to add you to user of the week. We will choose who we see fit to;
    5. If you're gonna take on the SOTW/Spriting contest, always make something that matches the theme.
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