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Concerning Criticism

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Concerning Criticism

Postby Metamence » Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:17 am

Yes, this is about criticism. Welcome, if you were seeking another thread, sorry.

At least try to implement criticism, which means analyzing, evaluating, and judging said item, in every art thread you post in. This will clean up mindless quibble which does not help the art maker (or moderators?)
What I'm talking about is like this "I don't like it, it looks ugly". Good job, that was quite vague, and possibly not helped the art maker. Now something like this, "The artwork is quite nice, and I like how you blurred the rock pieces, creating depth, and making Geodude stand out. Although one thing I can suggest is that the Geodude has a white outline around him, which looks fake. Try to fix this by erasing the white pixels. etcetc" That is more elaborate, points out the good parts, and still gives them what needs to be improved on.
So yes, elaborate on what you are saying, point out the good parts, and don't just bluntly say "I like it", but say what needs improvement and what was your favorite.
Here, we might have harsh critics, and I might be one of them. As long as they aren't flaming, they still contribute with their opinion. You have the right not to take their opinion, but at times it might help you with your later artwork. This doesn't mean that should just ignore their opinion and continue what you're doing, when they say something should be done better.

Now please, if you don't want criticism or adverse ones, and live on just positive ones, what's the point of creating a thread? You're not going to improve, listening to positive criticism.

Some stuff to look out for when criticizing
1)The depth (Or at least for criticizing banners and digital art/paintings), where the focal just jumps out of the page.
2) The colors, what needs improvement, what color scheme it could also have or replaced, and etc.
3) Flow, like how the banner goes in one direction with going vertical with the arm, or whatever.
4) Pose. If it were a painting or sketch, or etc, of an existing piece, would that be creative or uncreative? Does it flow, like the previous statement? Are body parts/whatever the same size (If they were intending them to be the same size)?
5) What needs to be improved on. Could it be the colors, the render, the effects?

Respect each other and please try not to whine or scream about someone's criticism, or even intently discourage the artist. Now if you think that your criticism will anger or provoke them, reword it, or say that you did not intently mean to.
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Re: Concerning Criticism

Postby Road351 » Thu Nov 19, 2009 1:48 pm

nice thread metemence
Thank you PNY ( Avatar )
Thank you Metamace (Signature)
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Re: Concerning Criticism

Postby Deidara_55 » Sun Feb 07, 2010 12:37 pm

Yeah. I kinda agree on your guidelines since these main points were overlooked when someone rates.

~ Dei.
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Re: Concerning Criticism

Postby Becstar14 » Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:18 am

Negative criticism only leads to the artist stopping his or her art galleries. I think all art is good no matter how much i don't like one overall its the time that they send on the banner spite words avatar whatever that counts.

My opinion says that if you don't like an art and say its like bad, DON'T COMMENT BY SAYING ITS LIKE DOGGY DO-DO. This should go out further into the forums cause basically this little thing could turn serious issue.

I totally agree with you Metamence with this post. Its immature to give out negative criticism like the example i just gave out....

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