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Too Much Luck And Overpowered Pokemon

Give us your thoughts on the updates and the game itself, both good and bad! We want to hear it all!

Too Much Luck And Overpowered Pokemon

Postby Boredfan1 » Sun Mar 22, 2015 10:07 pm

First off, let me say that this game is not bad however, the problem with it is there is very little actual skill required to play this, every attack gives damage randomly for the most part which is pure luck but the problem with that is that means damage is hardly consistent which makes winning battles unless you have an overpowered Pokemon impossible. I've noticed that along with that, the NPC's Pokemon can do way too much damage at their level to a Pokemon at their level or similar. For example, my Level 50 Fearow was 1 hit K0ed by Pokemon no more than five to seven levels difference in both directions, even if I have the type advantage. In the battle against the seventh leader of the Kanto region, he did this to my water type Pokemon whose level was similar to his own which makes no sense at all. One especially overpowered Pokemon is Alakazam who does way more damage than my Pokemon has health nearly every time he attacks, making him basically invincible. No Pokemon should be invincible, the system used by the official games is well balanced and should be used because this just turns people away from your game. But it is better than Pokemon Violet which had such an easy catch and leveling system that Pokemon could be level 100 before the end of the day. I'll post more about other stuff later to let you focus on this.

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