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2015 feedback

Give us your thoughts on the updates and the game itself, both good and bad! We want to hear it all!

2015 feedback

Postby lugubrious » Sat May 16, 2015 4:36 am

general list of potential improvements off the top of my head, which im sure most in positions of power at PBA / older players already are aware of

- any pokemon can learn any skill shop move, which is very unbalanced
- most moves dont work, rendering a lot of pokemon useless without skill shop moves
- there is no way to get egg moves
- learnsets are outdated
- only the pokemon that lands the hit that KOs seems to get exp in doubles and triples
- fakemon seem to have really strong learnsets compared to regular pokes, especially since their learnsets are designed around the lack of working moves
- more weak trainers & diversity could be very helpful for exp
- higher spawn rates of rarer pokemon or spreading them across more maps
- % on 'my pokedex' page could be split to show what % of original pokemon (ie not special or fakemon) and what % of each other variety you have as well
- layout on 'my pokedex' page could be improved instead of a long list with pokeballs
- very few items exist in the game
- inability to switch pokemon in a battle without having to be KOed
- no interactivity with the map (ie talking to NPCs, being able to enter buildings, etc)
- most of the NPC text is written with poor syntax / grammar
- might be a bit harder to do, but perhaps set up a timer that makes you immune from having to answer the captcha for like 20 minutes after answering it a few times. i always get hungry when i see all that food. sometimes its like, show me all the sandwiches, and im like man that burger is a sandwich, and technically pizza is a sandwich, but i dont think i should choose those. thats a different thing though

may edit this later, this is just from a couple days of playing like i said though. i played a bit of classic crater back in 3rd gen iirc. i remember the pokemon having set spawn tiles and the entire game being super exploitable, good times. would be cool to see some of these issues patched up but it seems like most of the devs are inactive despite the game not actually being completely dead yet.
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