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About the Special Fakemons!

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About the Special Fakemons!

Postby Ramit » Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:36 pm

There's a huge confusion, wether having/buying/selling/trading for or whatever is legal or not in the case of a special fakemon..

  • First, The Fakemons "Aquahorse and evolutions" And "Bryworm and evolutions" Are obviously legal.
    Though they're Hard to obtain. One can obtain them by either getting them on the route or more easily in yards.
  • Second, This is more or less obvious.
    Special Solreep/Seefin/Ferleaf/Darkrema and evo's are Legal As they're on the credit shop. These can be found on maps but not caught. Catch Rate is 0. So even masterball wont work.
  • Most Important one, Aqualf.
    Well, It may seem like there is/was some problem which allowed users to get specials of these.
    However.. Buying or Selling or Trading for/of these is NOT at all illegal. <~I Have confirmed this.
    You are allowed to do the above.
    But If You are found, In any way, cheating/hacking/using glitches for any of these you will be banned at sight. No Questions asked. Users Please note you don't have to report us people who sell/buy/trade special fakemons.
    Also. These pokemons are found on maps but can't be caught. Same reason as for Solreep etc. [They may also be found in yards but not caught] <~ we are not sure of this.
  • Finally, Golden Scizor. Exactly same as Aqualf. It was once a donation pokemon.

Please don't report users trading/buying/selling or whatever for these.
Only If You have proof they're hacked, then show us.
I hope this makes all the confusion clear.

~Thanks for Reading.
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